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The results from our six-week Beast Training Camp were pretty outstanding. Here are the averages, keep in mind we had many participants exceed these numbers. Think what Dynamic Core can do for you!

-Average weight gain from our Bulking group: 6 lbs.

-Average weight loss from our Cutting group: 14 lbs.

-Average drop in 40 time: .1 seconds

-Average drop in Pro Agility: .3 seconds

-Average increase in Vertical Jump: 1 inch

-Average increase in max pull-ups: 8 reps

These numbers also include participants that did not make it to the entire six weeks and they still saw great improvement. Take a look at our best improvments:

-Griffin LeGrande gained 12.5 lbs.

-Will Madison lost 18 lbs.

-Brenden Pipkin dropped his 40 time by .32 seconds.

-Brenden Pipkin, Cole Clemons, and Dylan Pipkin all dropped there Pro Agility times by .4 seconds.

-Kenny Watts increased his max pull-ups by 15.

-Cole Clemons increased his vertical by 3 inches while gaining 4.5 lbs as well!


These athletes all committed to our program and saw excellent results using Dynamic Core's techniques and training methods. Check out our testimonials page to see what the athlete said about our program. For information on our results and testing process read our complete results summary below.


The results are based on the before and after tests we used at our pre- and post-assessment days as well as weigh-ins collected throughout our training program. Ideally our participants would have had a longer rest before testing, however scheduling did not allow for such rest and they tested on two days rest after a demanding six-week program. Nevertheless, we still saw some outstanding results. Keep in mind not all included in the average attended the entire program.

The average participant on our bulking training program (the goal of gaining weight) gained 6 pounds over our six week program. With the high gainers of 12.5 and 9 pounds. Our cutting athletes, those with the goal of slimming down, showed great results as well, losing an average of 14 lbs each! Our 40-yard dashes on average improved .1 seconds, with participants improving as much as .3. This includes an injured player whose time went up due to injury, but is included regardless. Without that athlete included, our average drop in 40 time went to .13. We saw outstanding improvement in the pro agility seeing times on average drop by .3 seconds! The average time we tested went from 5.10 to 4.74! Pull-ups are another area of outstanding improvement, as we saw an average increase of nearly 8 reps! This is skewed too, as our heavy guys are included who pre-Beast Training could not do one pull-up went from nothing to multiple pull-ups in six weeks, which represents a tremendous strength improvement. The average we tested before was 9 pull-ups, compare that to the 16.5 reps we tested on average afterwards.

Another exciting improvement was on the vertical leap. We on average were able to increase our leaps by a full inch over the six week training period. What was so impressive is the fact that our athletes gained weight and still jumped higher! For example, we had an athlete put on 4.5 pounds and also gain 3 inches on his vertical. Another gained 8.5 lbs and added 1.5 inches to his vertical.

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